Worrying for lame things

I can't believe Starhub is capping the data limits. To 1 GB. One.
Can I survive with 1GB of data? Maybe I can if I switch to wifi at home while I'm downloading dramas, watching youtube videos and check on my social media every.. say 5 seconds.

Come to think of it, I'm like literally hooked to the whole Internet thing. Bad. This change might not be so bad after all hur.

The next thing I'm worried about is school. Will I be able to go back to my structured lifestyle (or at least more than what it is now), study and have fun? Like take the whole work thing out of my life. Back to the books, school, friends with minimal age difference?

I know I will probably adapt after the first month or something.... Don't know why it is even bothering me.

Last thing. I can't transfer funds out of my bank account. Oh well. This last point can get even lamer -_-
Shall go check it out now and start/finish editing the photos for my colleague! I wanna play my L4D (which crashed T__T) or Heros~