Week 4: DHC eyelash tonic

Can't  believe it has been a month. Time stops for no man.

I went to take week 4's photos yesterday and fell asleep for quite a while. Missed a good 1 hour of Absolute Darling on Tv and 2 calls. :( Boooo.

I am seriously beginning to see results. My lashes for both eyes definitely grew thicker and I can see lower lashes already! And you probably can't really tell but there's a tiny gap on my left eye. :(

Bottom up + tiny bottom lashes 

Top down is still meh. 

I usually apply more to my outer lashes because I hope one day I can have dollywink no. 1 lashes. Hahaaa with tons of mascara! No. 1 is thicker and longer at the outer corners. Mad love.

From: x

One thing to note - there is a lot of flaking/dried skin-looking things every now and then stuck to my lashes. Not sure what are they. Less fall outs this week ^^Y

I will continue to use it everyday and let's see how it goes next week!
 Stay tuned for week 5!

An accidental shot which I find quite artistic hohooo.