Week 1: DHC eyelash tonic

Hihi! Here's my weekly update on DHC eyelash tonic. Decided to shift it to a Sunday instead because I may not have the time to write on a Monday. Click here to see the first day.

Anyway, after 1 week of using, I'm beginning to see results. My lashes got a little longer and I can see tiny baby ones on my lower lashes! Yay! I hope I can apply mascara to my lower lashes one day!

Top view

Bottom view 
(I look extremely funny - like shocked)

And the most amazing....

Front view

The lashes really show up a lot from the front now. *happy*
And if you look carefully, I've long and sparse lashes on my left eye and short and thick lashes on my right. (from the first photo)
Oh wellz I hope the tonic will balance them up after 3 months!

Stay tuned for Week 2 update!