Solutions to all problems

Taken by: Casio Camera; FEP

Apparently I locked my SD card so no photos were saved. Sucha waste, I thought I can at least clear some backlogs  with my last bit of energy.

Went for a 2km run just now. *pats back* I run every... 1 month. Sigh. Need to double the frequency as school is starting real soon. Just received my NTU letter. 6August. Less than 2 months! I can't believe my 8 month-long 'holiday' is coming to an end. Whut? Why am I still as tired as ever? #forevertiredgirl

There are also a couple of things for me to settle/decide. I need to get it done quick.

Taken using: Casio Camera; Random corner in my house

Linking up twitter app <<<< in a bit! Maybe tomorrow ^^