My better quality 'thousand words'

Hello everybody~
I'm happy! All because of you!

I was still fretting over money issue for my birthday present. I wrote a list of to-gets before my birthday and thank you angels for making them mine. Longchomp: Checked. Chance by Chanel: Checked. Prada wallet: uncheck. I thought about it and I don't I want it as of now. No point. Probably a year or two later maybe? I thought G12 will not happen. I was like confirm cannot buy until end of the year already because I'm really broke. :( I really wanted it and I was hope to get it at 500. Because that's all I had then. Don't know how but I just keep wishing for it. Then, I saw a miyake letting go at 500. At that moment I was like wtf okay I need to have it. #thoughtsbecomethings.
It is really in mint condition and all. I don't mind.

I probably need to top up another 200 for a new piece but I refuse to do so. Because... majority of the 500bucks is from... you!

Thanks nuffnang, gushcloud, blog and creed-media! And you! Without you there wouldnt be any hope nor viewership! I restrained from withdrawing the money inside these accounts for like half a year ok!

Part of it also came from me paying myself (I know, this sounds really sad) when I 1. Do housework 2. Exercise 3. Do homework basically things i hate to do. I will usually drop a few dollars when I managed to finish impossible tasks. I am quite reward-driven. Hehe.

Aiya I love it! Been using it for nearly 1 month already. Still figuring out the functions and all. Do you like the photos I took for the posts lately? I don't care I love it a lot! I will stare at them for hours omg perfect lighting/colour combi. (if it is not I will probably photoshop it)

I am thankful every min. Without my blog/Facebook/twitter, I would never have the chance to own this baby. You know I can never save up for gadgets because FTS I have 1968296 things to buy every single day.

Come boy say hi! 

Thank you for making it possible. #dieinbliss.

PS, I choose to get camera because I want to show you people better quality pictures! I had enough of pixelated photos.

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