Jelly's 19th birthday part 3

Really a lucky girl to have so many people celebrating my day with me, no? ^^

This time round I was with my girls! They are one of the best things in my life, the greatest gift I received from the 2 years in IJC.What power do they have over me? I don't know. However, I'm certain the extra doze of independence, happiness and luck you see in me comes from them. Sure.

Met the girls for dinner at Mongkok Cafe in Bugis Junction. Apparently we went there for this:

1 big... tub of ice milk tea for the birthday girl and co to share.

If there are 5 or more people, you get the biggest one. This is already gigantic. Let's try to imagine the biggest one...

Anyway, when I reached, the cow and the mooncake were not there. You know what they were doing? They ran all the way back to Bugis Village to retrieve my 'present'. LOLLOL They left it in a bag when they were trying it. Trying a bag...? Is this how you put it? LOL.


Had the best french toast there. Really yumz. I hate peanut butter but this one tastes like heaven. Melts in mouth with the warm peanut butter oozing out.

My main course was... okayish. Ordered because of the egg. #favouritefood

Took polariods with the strawberrie family photo they made. ^^ They are really a thoughtful bunch of girls. All single except yq gogogo! Haha wtf matchmaking in progress. 

Polariods with them always look so good. Yq gave me one of the polariods! So good to have friends with polariods! *should stock up on film* Oh ya check out the backdrop! We looked like we are at some 80 storey high place instead of the restaurant in Bugis Junction.

On the way to the cashier, they looped my present on my shoulders!

2nd red bag I received as a birthday prezzie ^^ I love red bags. Backpacks are nice for geek-to-be. Excellent for school :)

Here, my cutie modelling for me yo.

Oh, here's a clearer picture of the strawberry frame they made~

Got 2 big photos of myself as well. :/

thank you dear girls, my wonderful powerful bunch of girlfriends~

Read my part 1 and 2 birthday celebrations. I feel so loved.
19th year of my life is so awesome. Gonna get better as time goes by, I'm sure.

Signing off with my blushing little penguin