Jelly's 19th birthday part 2

Part 2 is finally here!

Casts: Shi mei, Li ting, Wei Loke, Kai Yuan and Tiffany.
Place: The Waterfront park

First visit to Waterfront park! Ikr it's not even far away. Ulu ulu place hur.

I always love how my little black penguin looks.

I don't quite remember what bus to take there (Do you research!)

We are basically looking for a place to sit, chill and chat. There's a playground there but it was infected with kids. Booo next time!

We went all the way inside, chose a good spot with nice scenery, sat and chilled.
Celebrated my birthday with a moomoo cake! :D And fruit tarts!

Nom nom

Look at this!!!

I really think the tail looks like shit man. Who agrees with yours truly?

Liting said this arrangement looked as though we are praying/offering to gods. Hahaaaaa!

Behind the scenes


Listened to the music of the year - birthday song, made wishes, cut cake and ate all the food!

Continued to chill (which didn't last too long), talked and took photos. Not a ton because the lighting was horrible.

Like a patch of darkness with sitch-alike teeth (mine, sadly).

They wanted to trick me with the $25 combs #okcan. Not good with jokes nor surprises though I know they wouldn't buy sucha lame thing hehee. I got trust in my friendz taste.


They got me a watch. I find the face a little small but I cannot deny the little hearts are cute.

Wouldn't get this because I'm clumsygirl93. I will probably scratch the little metal pieces after wearing it for a few times. But I will take extra care of this baby!

Not sure whether they have hidden meaning or not! Give me watch to tell me, "girl please be more on time for our meet-up" -_____-Y
Heheee I really need to learn some time management skills. I blame it on my forever-late-dad.

We went home before 12 that day. Earlier than normal?
Seriously sick of all the short gathering. Like I'm beginning to hype up and the end, the show ended.
I need long chilling sessions!

Alright, that's all for birthday part 2.
Quite a simple sugar feast and heartwarming birthday song. Not forgetting the nice old company.
What more can I ask from god?

Part 3..? YES THERE IS!
Part 3 next week!
I did my part 2, as promised, before this week ends. *pats back*