It will get better, it will.

I was talking to Andy last week and I did some sort of self-reflection. I looked back at my posts last year and yes I'm so boring now.

There used to be so many pictures - of anything and everything with almost daily updates. I had to deal with A levels, school, other possible things yet I never stop writing. To be honest, I have less to worry now/less responsibilities. At least no A levels or shit like that right? But what happened here?

I will stop passing reviews as my daily updates. PS, that doesn't mean I stop writing them. I am so glad many people found it helpful. I have so many hits on some of the reviews or write-ups everyday. I got a whole ton of knowledge and information from different channels online and I'm really happy I can at least return something back to the cyberspace.

As for the daily updates, let's start with today. I know it is 1:30am now, I know I have work tomorrow morning but I need to do this. Need.


2 weeks to last day of work. I extended my contract because they are still looking for my replacement.
I had lunch with 9 other people today. Somewhere near Kent Ridge or NUS compound.
Duck + veggie + tofu. Bill came up to be $9+ per person. I find it quite expensive. Luckily the duck wasn't bad.

After work I took the train home with Jess. I enjoyed talking to her and I will confirm miss our 15-20 mins of conversation almost everyday. She is leaving this week. Booo that means I will have to go home alone for 1 week. :(

I went to meet my primary school classmates @ Xin Wang Northpoint today. I love talking to them! We had fun talking about the past, laughing at how stupid we used to be. All of them are still so friendly and nice. Thank god I did not give this session a miss or else I would have missed a whole lot of catching-up and bonding. I can't wait to see them again this coming September. :D

1:40am. Time to head to bed. With a super empty stomach. I really don't know wts is happening to me. I was so sick last weekend because I ate too much and today...? Foreverhungry is my second name.

I know the future will not be as smooth sailing as I wish it will be. However, I'm not giving up. There will be a way out for people who keep on trying. Things will get better. Everything will end well with a good note. That's what I strongly believe in and that's what you should believe in too.