H/M: Neogence UV protection whitening makeup base

Neogence UV protection whitening makeup base
What: 3-in-1 - Sunblock, make up base and spot lightening
Colour: Beige
Consistency: Cream
Texture: Thick
Coverage: Light
Size: 30ml
Protection: SPF42, +++
Made in: Taiwan
Price: $20++
Where to get: Sasa stores

Sorry for my shaky hand :(

What I like about it:

The 3-in-1 function
Sunblock + make up base + whitening formula. I don't really care about whitening though, no use. The sunblock and make up base makes everyday routine a little shorter. So on average I save 3 mins everyday!

The light coverage
This product gives a light coverage to my skin. To be more exact, it brightens skin but not to event of creating a white cast, slight dewy finish. Not too bad. Some really look like you smear oil on your face.

The aftermath feel
Non-oily, non-sticky.

A good finish

The texture
Though this thing is cream/thicker than cream consistency, it is surprisingly easy to blend.

What I don't like about it:

The smell
I don't know how to describe but it is a little overwhelming.

The cleaning off
Make-up base = make up. I have to use my make-up remover to remove. Some people are not so anal about this though.

The Verdict
I'm not quite sure what to expect from a sunblock. It stays on all day and gives me necessary protection against UV rays. No complaints.

Rating: 5.5/10
Will repurchase: Most probably not

This is a miss product despite my positive comments above. I see no reason why I should repurchase this. Plus, it might not be available anymore since I don't seem to see it around SaSa. Correct me if I am wrong. Will probably try another brand once I finish this puny tube. I have not been using sunblock until recently, say this year. Too lazy during school days. Meh. So that's why it is taking a little longer than usual to finish up.... I think.

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