H/M: FOTE rose petal aloe vera gel

A long, fun day at the beach - playing, suntanning, chilling and basically baking in the sun. Then, it happened.
You're right, sunburned. T^T

Terrible period. So you took out your...

Fruit of the Earth Rose Petal Aloe Vera 100% Gel
What: Aloe Vera Gel
For: Sunburned skin, dry skin
Consistency: Gel
Size: 56g (tiny travel tube)
Price: can't remember but it is not cheap for its size
Where to get: Your favourite Watsons 

I didn't get this to ease any sort of sunburn. I avoid the Sun as much as I can so there's really minimal possibility for me to be baked by the horrible UV rays.

I got it last year Mar right after my facial. My second and last facial (up to now). My face was really screaming for help - dry, flaky skin, angry break-outs together with disgusting black/whiteheads. My facialist recommended me to use this to soothe my skin a little (It was all red and gross after the extraction) and for hydrating purpose.

What I like about it:

The gel texture
As mentioned, my skin was breaking out real bad then. I eliminated my cream-based moisturiser. That brand is thick and oily. It can worsen my already destroyed complexion. The gel consistency makes the moisturier easy to absorb and at least it wouldn't say clog my pores? I don't know but at least that is what I feel. 

The cooling sensation
I love how refreshing it felt on my skin after patting it in. I think it will work really well on sunburned skin. 

The ingredients for sensitive skin
There is no alcohol, colour and it is pure extracts. No alcohol is good. Alcohol will dry up your skin. So girls with dry skin, buy products without alcohol!

What I don't like about it:

The effect
Though aloe vera gels are highly raved by many, they do not work very well for me. My skin is still relatively dry and there is some peeling around my poor nose. 

The smell
I find the rose smell is a little too much for a 'for sensitive skin' product. 

The aftermath
A little sticky after patting this product in. Still bearable though. 

The possible damage
As stated, it may stain clothes. I didn't experience this though (thank god). Something for you to take note of. 

The sting
omg this is a point you must must must really note when you are using this on your face. AVOID AT ALL COST YOUR FREAKING EYE AREA. This thing stings your eyes like a bee if you apply it too close to your eyes. I can't figure out why too. Actually, I came across this warning on the Internet but I brushed it off. Hur learned my lesson. Hurts so bad then. 

The verdict:
Well, I will not pick this product up for hydration because I'm loving my Hada Labo. You can read my take here. Maybe I will use it if I got myself baked. :( I hope not. 

Rating: 5/10 
Repurchase: If the above scenario happens, I will.