I can't believe June is coming to an end. This is really too fast. 24 hours a day, you sure? :x

Yesterday was TKY's day! Happy birthday my cutest bbyboy. ^^ Sunday celebration is called off as he can't book out. It's okay we will still be here for you! A call away, as promised.

My nap time is increasing at a rate of an hour a day lol. Slept for 3 hours today. I guess I will turn in a little late today. If not I will waste my Thursday night.

We went for lunch at Bugis market. The big hawker center, you know? Had Lor Mee and it is pretty good. Slight herbal taste. Quite a twist to lor mee, no?

Gonna spend my Friday with ssicaaaaa ^^ Noooo she's leaving. 天下没有不散的宴席. Thank you for making my first part of 2012 memorable my dear girl.

Thinking back, I've been pretty happy this year. There are just so many good things coming up one after another, met so many nice people and had so much fun. I realise happy is unlimited. 
I was browsing tumblr (check my site out <<<) and saw "I don't know how I can feel so happy and sad at the same time". I reblogged this before; I felt exactly like this before. Now, can I find something like "I don't know how I can feel so happy most of the time"? Errr I did get piss at stuff and wanted to throw chairs at some idiots but I managed to control. No point getting angst because life is short and tough enough.
You don't know when is your turn.......?
Ok that sounds really sad.

Mocha Red Bean Ice Cream @ MOF Restaurant. 
Love this!

This is just me. I will do this in camp

Speaking of camp, I registered for UOC2012. Hmmm kinda regretted wth. Alone is one thing, sharing (dirty) toilets with other people, sleeping on floors/pavements/whatsoever and THE SUN are just some of my worries. I have been out from the Sun for nearly 8 months and I totally love it. Got 2 shades fairer. Really happy! I mean I am still tan/dark but Idc it is still a miracle for me. This is the fairest me in my 19 years wtf. ^^ I might not have milk white skin (yet) but I am really thankful for all other things I have. I need more miracles like this in my life~

Love this!

Happy hippo biscuit (Kinder) from Watsons

Tky happy birthday x 

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