Goodbye ssica~

Today is the last day for Jess. Boooooo. You are the first person I know here and thank god we came in on the same day. Life is just so much better when you're here. We ranted about work, travel time, stupid train breakdowns and the most random things.

All the best ssica (I love your name seriously) hehehe stay in touch. As mentioned, I let too many important people step out of my life. Got to stop. Got to stop this. I really want to hold on to you and them, can I?

Farewell lunch at Crystal Jade Kitchen. Exact same place as our welcome lunch. What goes around gonna come around. I don't want anymore farewell lunches/dinners anymore. :( Just sick of them.

Decided to join the rest of the colleagues for dinner at... some place situated in Riverside Point. Virgin trip there wtf. I can probably pose as a Singapore tourist one day. Really nice place but I'm forever tired. What's new? Had a little beer and random snacks. I will never appreciate beers yo. Give me some hazelnut milk tea :D:D

Then we went to PumpRoom for some more drinks. Like some really sweet strawberry-watermelon looking thing. =___= I don't wanna write about night life/drinks/places anymore. Totally highlight my suaku side.

Not a bad experience but it will be better with the usual chatty people/friends. Hoho and when I'm less tired.

Left early with Jess. Time check: 2am. All the other people are probably partying their night away and here I am, writing this post + talking to my bbg. I seriously doubt i can wake up for breakfast with her tomorrow. (meh, not like she is able to do it, I'm sure).

From Jess
Growing up? I seriously think I am becoming more childish wtf. 
But suaku level did fall. :/


Mouse chocolate

Pricked my finger during work.
I'm not snow white   sleeping beauty so why did this happen to me?

I've no childhood.