Food thrills

Hello everybody! Today was mad exciting; I just can't... contain it! Need to blog them down asap!
I had really great food today! So mad happy!

I love English breakfast. It reminds me of UK. Love that magical place yup.
Just my soft spot. 

Anyway, Sharon brought Jess and I to Wild Honey, Scotts Square, for early farewell lunch.

Wild Honey
Scotts Square
3rd level
Tel: 6636 1816
Website: here

It's so convenient to book online. 1-min to do everything. ^^ Check out the website for more details.

I believe it will be really crowded during peak hours. I can totally imagine how this place will be on a typical Sunday. Hoooo too scary.

We were given a window seat in the air-conditioned area. Really a good place to chill. I can't describe how much love I felt; warmed up by the Sun in a cold place. This is ultimate bliss. That's why I love my days in UK. Omggggg so much affection even from  cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks there. 

Ahh I can probably win number 1 sidetrack queen award. 


Wild Honey serves all-day breakfast. Bacon, poached eggs!, grilled tomatoes, sandwiches. You name it, they have it. (Most likely). There are two outlets here - one in Scotts Square and the other in Mandarin Gallery. We definitely need more soon. 

Enough of words, let the pictures do the talking~
Tbh, I can't remember what's the exact price so please take it with a pinch of salt yea.

Hot chocolate ($6)
Not bitter like some I tried! Love the little cocoa heart as well.

English Breakfast ($24)
Baked beans, potatoes, scrambled egg, sausage, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and bread!

Ok you have to bear with me for a little while because.... 
I love everything, like every single piece of thing on the plate. Not exaggerating. I was smiling away like a fool after every bite wtf. I feel stupid lol.

The grilled tomatoes I tried are usually pretty dry but this was absolutely opposite. The sweet tomato juice practically oozed out with every bite. So tasty I think I can have a couple more on my own. 
The bacon are crispy but really salty. Gonna pair it up with scrambled egg/bread..? 
The buttery mushrooms, (I tried to make this once but failed terribly), ultra good potatoes and really fragrant bread =   The bread is nice even without anything. Crazy me. I hate baked beans but I had quite a few mouthful of them there. The sausage was good as well. Not too salty and really flavourful. Too yums. :D

European Breakfast ($19)
I don't wanna describe anymore because poached eggs are beyond words.

Norwegian Breakfast ($26)

I can probably write the descriptions for each dish because I stared really long at the menu before I made a decision. Not a whole lot of choices but I just can't decide which good stuff to take!

Felt super satisfied after finishing my plate. Got a strawberry cake to complete the meal.

Strawberry Sponge Cake 

We barely touched this. Packed it back and it will probably be breakfast tomorrow. (Still super full now wth!)

Ahem, I know this is bad but I barely had breakfast/dinner for nearly a week. I'm kind of losing appetite and sleep. Oh well. Not tired/hungry, dky!
It has been a while since I feel so happy eating. I used to smile like a weirdo during every meal (That's what Tim told me). That's why I'm glad I found the thrill from eating again! 

After work I went to meet Andy for food again......

The Cafe Cartel 
GV building
1st level

Too full for main course so we had drinks and desserts. 

I find the people there really nice and friendly. One of them even directly me to another seat because the one I planned to sit was really cold! I don't know but I'm really touched by his promptness and eagerness. #makesmefeellikeworkingtherewtf. All the rest are as friendly and polite too! I like that place. No crowd as well~ 

English Breakfast Tea ($3.60)

Mango smoothie (?)

Brownie with ice-cream & hot fudge
This is not as dense. Dense brownies are really awesome. 

Waffle with peach, caramelized banana and ice-cream ($11.90)
Fell in love with the waffle when I had it during one of the lunches with my favouritez.
This thing is still as fluffy but sadly not hot enough :(

Can I be a food blogger? At least for today okay!

I have yummy dinner at home but I'm too full :(:(:( Well well, perhaps some soup to end the day? 

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