Flower in the hair

Flower headband: Forever 21

Hello everyone welcome!

No major events today. I gave up my seat to a lady, I presumed pregnant, and I felt good. Hahaaaaa. Went for lunch at Chinatown Pearl Center Market (or something like that). I had really school-cooked mixed veg rice ahh I miss it. Especially the one in RS.

Grabbed a couple of necessities from Ocean (the store which sells cheap toiletries). I usually patronise the other one though. Anyway, Venus is so near now I don't have to travel all the way down to buy shampoos and random items.

I couldn't take it so I napped just now. Up after 1 hour! At least I've some computer/me time. Gonna sign up for the camp. I am torn between CAC and Union camp. I actually kind of prefer Union camp because it seems more happening/fun. Hahaaa but yq and sw are joining CAC. That means I will be alone in Union camp. T____T I will probably give some dumb excuse to leave early if I am too bored there. Union camp it shall be?

Gonna post birthday post part 3 and *secret* post up this week!
I wrote them already. I am just gathering photos in the respective posts.