The 19 wishes I silently made

Yes, 1 month into my 19th year on this planet hoho. I totally skipped this tradition last year. Lost, not sure what I wanted/wished to achieve. Screwed up my life badly. This year gonna be a flipping 180 degrees from last year. Wait and see everybodyyyy ^^

Every year I make the same wish/wishes. They are the norms in my life and I don't wish to deal with changes. Good health to me and people around me, especially my dearest family, everyone stays happy and conflicts will only strengthen bonds, excellent results, best of luck in everything I do. Oh, not forgetting world peace and more environmental-friendly people please. 

Guess this is roughly the same for everyone out there as well?

I secretly wanted to wish for endless wishes throughout this year wtf. Guess I can't be so greedy hur.

Anyway, this is my 19th wishes/targets:

1. Stay positive through the toughest times. Smile when everything else sucks ttm. Be contented with what I have but never stop wishing for more and move forward. 

2. Be a better me. Treat people genuinely, learn to care for someone/many people. 

3. Perform well in my Uni/achieve most targets I set.

4. Be a little more tidy/less lazy

5. Prettier

6. A good man

7. More money - lessen the burden on my dear papa and mama. 

8. Bring them to a good getaway/holiday before 20. (TW CAN?? JYJY!)

9. Spend my Christmas this year with the most important person in my life. 

10. Be grateful for everything I have. Every good thing that happened to me is a bonus in life.

11. Pick up books on a regular basis, exercise every now and then and catch up with friends whenever I have time.

12. Be less angst. Control my foul temper and stop venting it on random innocent victims hoho.

13. Eat and never get fat!

14. Put in more effort in this space

15. save enough and go for my first surgery. (Teeth, y u no straight?!)

16. Enjoy my uni life to the fullest - camps, hostel life, school life, projects, CCA (haven't decide), overseas attachment for 1 sem or so??

17. Oh oh smarter, taller, toned, whatever good.

18. No need make up/photoshop/filters to look nice wtf. 

19. Keep 1 first. 

*all wishes/targets are subjected to changes without prior notice.
Wait for the review next year.

Le sigh. Took me tons of courage to post this disgracing piece of writing. (= v = ;)
But da above are what I'm hoping for, really.
No longer 19 silent wishes since I announced to the whole wide world.
Hahaaa don't laugh at me okay! I know everyone secretly wishes for something stupid/be prettier or stuff like that. Don't lie.

Wish me luck yo.