Random #3


I'm losing the passion to write. I'm losing the excitement for my birthday. I'm losing myself in this mundane, repetitive life. Okay, maybe not mundane nor repetitive, especially when there are just so many upcoming events.

Idk what's with me but I'm not excited nor looking forward to my 18th May. Not particularly happy or sad. Guess it is not a bad thing after all? What exactly should I expect for my birthday? What do I want? Tons of presents? Gathering with all my friends and loved ones? Party the night away?

No, I don't want all that. Weirdly, even when I'm surrounded by people I will feel the same amount of emptiness..? Very hard to explain but I believe most of the people will experience this kinda feeling before.

It just seems like that day isn't any special. Well, it is really a plain day for the majority.

I guess all I want is someone to tell me "Thank god you are born this day"

Not a winter kid but that doesn't matter It is a really heart warming song, you should go listen!
Speaking of dream high, I have 2 more eps to finish. But I sort of know the ending already trololoolll.

Btw, you can follow my blog if you want. Once I update (especially at weird crazy hours like now), you will know.