Random #2

Really love to do a post right now but I need to sleep. Don't miss me too much okay. I have to attend the NTU tea parteh tmr. Leaving house earlier than when I'm going for work wtf. I need longer sleeping time.
6 hours to snooze.

Seriously so dead tired nowadays. ALWAYS sleep on the train. Unglam much but I really can't take it.

I got so much rashes on my face now T__T Lips too wth. Hate seafood allergy.
Took a little too much today I guess. Nooooo. Subside tomorrow?

Too lazy to pop my pills. Meh, shall put on a facial mask today and see how's my skin tomorrow.

Sleeping in the air-con room, by myself.
Nobody's home. Except my parents la. I can totally get use to the living alone in a pile of mess life.
Nonetheless, I really love to have my sis around. Thanks to her at least we managed to implement some order in the room as well as in my life.