Random #1

Omg do I have to explain how busy my life is right now?

Will do a proper post soon. Will do it real soon.

Lots of things lining up; I am trying my best to balance everything well.
There are people I haven't met for quite some time, there are people I planned to meet but have not done so, there are people I need to talk to and do all the catching-up.
All those people :3

Day 2:
Weight: nil. Weighing machine broke down
2 red bean Bao
1 small pack of crackers
1 big bowl of nasi bryani (which I can't spell and don't bother to check)
1 slice of yummy chocolate cake
2 bowls of fried rice
1 apple

My appetite today was....

Exercise: walked (to search for stuff + journey home)
5 mins Slow run
Credit in more tomorrow.