Pocahontas no more

This post doesn't sound as exciting as it is supposed to be anymore because most of ya saw how I look now. Not fun. I wanted to post this up on the day I cut my hair but photobucket's turtle-like speed just has to hinder my plan. I'm sorry. Just read. 

One fine day I was chatting with my colleague and she mentioned that I looked like Pocahontas.

Then I was like, "What the hell is that?"

I'm sorry but I only know Cinderella and Snow White, not interested in others. Not even the little mermaid..
Oh I know Mulan as well. My childhood fond memories are all from Tom&Jerry, Shin Chan or even weird horror zombie shows.

No Disney no Elmo or Cookie Monster.

For people without a 'childhood', Pocahontas is this:

Because she is tan and has uber long black hair. So... me.

Yes I'm tan. T___T What to do?
And I've really long hair. Wait, I HAD. Not exactly black because I dyed it 2 months ago.

My hair was butt long. I believe this is not my personal maximum because I've black roots! Meh, not attractive.

Anyway, having hair of this length is pretty much crazy. You see, you use a whole bucket of water to rinse them, takes forever to dry, hair treatments finish at speed of light and you know what is the most irritating thing? The hair fall. Ohz not forgetting how it gets trap in between gaps of chairs or whatsoever. Ohohz and any sort of hair treatments will be priced sky high. Ohohohz last one I swear - you have to worry about dipping your ends into any sort of dirty places like the sinks/bins. Ew.

Something good about having long hair?

You can hide in a corner and flip it in front of your face if you feel someone is tailing you. Confirm shock of his life. Hahaa wtf good idea?

On the contrary, long hair is sort of an easy target for rapists/whatsoever. Read an article online about it.

Long story short, I snapped away my hair!
No longer long. I have the shortest hair among most of my girlfriends now! This is insane. Where did the courage came from? *pats back*

Considering my hair growth rate at 1.5cm per month, 37 cm of hair gone = 2years of hair. 2 freaking years and within like 10 mins, all off.

Despite so, I'm happy with my new hair!

Why did I cut it? My stylist was telling me to go for perm if I want a new look... but I still snipped it.
Other than the reasons listed above, I thought I wanted a change. Like finally a different me. Yes, I feel different. Furthermore, I never take pictures like this:


How long doesn't really matter, right?

I went from this:

Sacrificed my tummy as bg for my hair because it just blends in with my black shirt

Last shot of my hair. 
I thought the seal in sunglasses is really cute! And can you see my new penguin case? :3

To this, which became my facebook profile picture not long after.

How? Do you like it?
I did so much layering. Long layers. Getting use to it... It is nicer but harder to manage. Higher maintenance hairstyle will look nicer. Better than my previous no need to maintain hairstyle?
I like how light-weight my head feels. Can fly that kinda feeling wth. A whole different look, no? I sort of think I look cuter with a tinge of maturity. *Flashes knife to those who think otherwise*

Ok la, I need honest opinions here. Long/short hair for me?

I will probably not grow hair of my previous length anymore. So if majority of the people feel long hair is more me, I will grow it! One of the rare moments JieLin listens to other peoples' views. Come, start your fire people.

And because I did not rebond/straighten my hair anymore, there's this wave-like shape behind T__T
Gonna learn to live with it. After all, I can't straighten my hair every now and then. I still want hair when I'm 40. Have to spam more treatments to see how I can tame the waves... and frizzy hair -___-
Working hard to healthy, shiny hair all over again.