Not everything shows

Friday, 4/5/2012:
Went for JB short getaway. Company trip! Can't believe I really went for a company trip. (Cause I was talking about how good it'd be to travel with the lovely people, even to Malaysia). Life is good. :3

Will write about it when I land my hands on the photos.

Saturday, 5/5/2012:
Happy birthday tou-fu~~ Celebrating his birthday this Thursday...? I almost forgot about this. Too busy today. Tuition, met dearests and stuff like that.

Settled for ice-cream and stuff in Gelare. Gave it a miss.

You know I can never be angry with you, do you know? Do you?

Miss those times, love those kids.

Felt pretty sick that night but was 10x stronger after a good snooze.

Sunday, 6/5/2012:
That day was surprisingly good. Talked about the good old past, lots of laughter, nice and affordable food. Life is so nice like that. Let's discard all the unhappiness alright? I love all my closest souls.

Nom @ Xi Jia Zhuang, Tagore Road (Or something like that)

There's one XJZ near my place as well. 

Monday, 7/5/2012:
Busy me. :/ But at least time didn't crawl. 

For our lovely Estin :3
Cute max. Thanks to Julie's bro. You can order this here 

Was talking about losing 2kg in 2 weeks. Okay.... Almost wanted to give up when day 1 barely passed.
My fatsssssssss. So much I feel so hard to sit down. Tummy is affecting my breathing pattern. -___-

No, must persevere!

Weight: 43kg
4 chocolate muffins
1 small pack of crackers
1 other small piece of junkie
1 bowl of shabu ramen (nice nice)
1 puny apple
1 bowl of rice and such

Ate real little.
Anyway, not sure how accurate my weight is. Idky my weighing machine (from like 10years ago) popped out. Okayzzzz.

Last thing, currently hooked to Forever & Always by Talyor Swift. Still love her songs.