My week so far


Pretty good week except for the crazily hot weather.
Met ShuQin on Friday for lunch. Took a tad longer than usual.


Knocked against the door knob wtf. I think I'm made of toufu. Bruised so easily? Now it's like one big patch of blue-black. #ugly


Lastly, accepted my course a few days back! 
Come to think of it, I'm not entirely sure how my life will turn out in the future, how it'd affect me by taking this course. Well, guess I just have to sit back and see. It will be damn fun right! All the uni stuff? :D

Slept without the air-con ytd. Big mistake. Woke up with a lot of scratch marks. Yawns hot environment makes me itch like mad. 

Lazed my Saturday away! Slept, woke up, had brunch, used com, napped, woke up, had dinner, TV all the way! Love lazy life. Minus the extremely hot weather but thank god for the rain in the late afternoon.