366 days being 18 year old

I supposed so..?

Anyway, time literally teleported. I can't believe I am going to welcome my 19th birthday in barely 1 hour's time.

I feel... Extremely calm.
There are a lot of people asking me out (I choose to believe so), planning this and that for me on my special day. Love it.

Looking back, 18 on the 18th. Once in a lifetime. I consider myself pretty lucky to say this. Imagine you are born on 3rd. 3 on the 3rd? Please, you wouldn't think it is anything special. 31 on the 31st? That is provided there is 31st in your month (imagine feb).

I mean, I'm not trying to bring anyone down. I just want to remind myself how fortunate I am. In many many ways.

So, the past 1 year.. Well, I would say it is the start of my life-changing year. In that 366 days, I made new friends, strengthened the bonds with those I can't live without, learned to appreciate people, especially my family, so much more, took things naturally, stopped relying on people for everything possible and opened myself up.

I had horrible and stressful days before A levels, studying and planning my future. Not that I've any goals in mind now.... :/ at least I am moving forward. My destination might not be clear as of now but I believe the fog will clear up soon.

The studying and really fond school memories occupied two-third of that year.

The rest of the one-third involved taking the scariest examinations, fearing for my future every single day, worked (and is still working) in a great place with awesome company. Really can't thank them for everything. They showered me with endless amount of care and love. Gonna thank god for every moment there. Learn a lot, changed - better and happier. The thought of leaving never fails to sadden me :(

(change topic before everything gets too sentimental).

I wrote enough for my friends, directly or indirectly. Every single person has impacted me in one way or another. I want to give credits to some people I barely mentioned here. Family.

I am really grateful. Like REALLY. From birth to now, they have tolerated probably 1 tonne worth of shit from me and have their hearts broken 1001 times.
I must be one of the reasons for the grey they have, the wrinkles that run across their faces, the tiredness in their eyes...
Disappoint them enough, I can't anymore, taking charge of my own life and making sure I'd live better and work harder.

Told ya it is the start of my life-changing year... I feel so different. I feel like I really do have a brain to think. For myself and the people around me. It'd get better, right?

To be honest, life is so good nowadays. Things in general are smooth-sailing, problems get their solutions and wishes come true. I secretly wish such (sheer) luck will continue. At the same time, I am constantly frightened because i don't want this chain of happiness to end.
害怕幸福会用完 (afraid id finish my doze of happiness).

Guess it's too early to worry. Read somewhere: worrying is like carrying an umbrella around in a sunny day, waiting for it to rain.

Today I had a birthday dinner celebration with my Fam, aunt gave me an ang Bao, mama got me a cake (which I haven't cut) and sist gave me a notebook. Very cute. Simple gestures like this <3 we are definitely not a bunch of expressive people but that doesn't mean we don't care for each other. I sincerely believe so.

Last 3 mins. This post too a tad longer. Sorry for any weird sentence structure/grammar. I'd check again when I have time.

To end everything off, thanks and happy birthday jielin. 19years old will be great. Happy birthday :3