Yet another fast weekend

Saturday, 21/4/2012:

No tuition all thanks to the rain. Phew, I'm glad. Finally able to sleep in.
(Especially with the cooling weather).

Gave xiaxue's flea a miss as well. The queue... was horrendous. Salute to those who queued hours! Or whatever duration.

Next time, if there is.

Went to Ape's place. Waited for quite a while. Chilled at her place and nom on a lot of heaty food. Acted like a freeloader; ate her mom's home cooked meal and left. Oh well. Brought my sis's lappy out but didn't use it. Wasted my energy.

Met the two at cwp for a short catch-up (Let's not break this weekly thing!).
As usual, had mac...? I only had a few fries and a few mouthful of ice-cream and coke hor #jianfei-ing

The Cabin in this woods

I'm quite sure I'll like the movie a lot better if all the monsters/horror/zombies/whatever are split and made into individual movies. 
I would love to see the zombies and dolls one! 
(Though I'm still paranoid about dolls).

Didn't get to use my I/C all thanks to Tim's head. (that I presumed.)

Next week gonna be a more exciting week, no?

Sunday, 22/4/2012:
Fulfilled my responsibility. Wanted to go on a food hunt but the ulcer in my mouth is holding me back. Was totally shag+tired+want to die. Don't understand why I had to meet yl in cwp. Twice. #wanttodie. Seriously, I will confirm + chop meet someone (4 different groups of friends some more) when I'm in sleep clothes/nothing much better than that. My luck. Oh well. 

I guess I should stop being so lazy and get things done asap.

Hello my qtpies :3

Finally got my ass moving and did another picture thingy. Yes, all of us are wearing specs. Well, sort of. 
Actually, we have more recent 'specs' photos (Like the one during countdown). But... I just don't wanna see the photos and you know, remember what happened that day. Hate myself when I'm like that. 
(NOT ANYMORE *Flashes 19yo passport trolollol)

The old one is so ugly. Don't feel offended hor! I mean everyone became prettier/hotter/cuter!
Plus it will always remind me of this one thing. It will make me very upset so... ya. 
SO HOW IS IT? Love these people a lot. 7 years of friendship is not built using straw or grass. 
I hope. X let's stay strong and meet every week <3