A whole day of nommery

Saturday, I just love Saturdays without tuition. 

After everything was settled, I went off to meet Tim for some town catching-up. 
It has been a while since I went town with friends. Good good. 

As I rushed out in the morning, I did not have any food. #hungrygirl93

Photo credit: TripAdvisorSG
Marche Restaurant

Decided to visit Marche for food. Very good, love it. 

The whole restaurant is very nicely decorated. Too much things over there. Really. There was a significant crowd (which can't be helped on a Saturday) hence it was pretty overwhelming. I mean, so many things and people around. I'm very troublesome, no?

Swiss Rosti 

The only food picture I managed to snap. Shared a pizza. Other than the very hard crust, it was really good. 

I don't know why I didn't snap photos there. Like the interior. So awesome and photo-worthy. Starting to regret now hohoooo. Somehow, I got a feeling "No photography allowed", True?

After filling our stomachs, we went for some shopping here and there. Stepped into Mandarin Gallery for the first time. Nothing much. Would love to try the food there one day nom nom. 

I also went to A&F for the first time! Very dizzy inside. Took the men's perfume samples home and now my bag smells likea man. I can have manly bag haha! Love their scent. Good good.

Went to pick sw up as she was feeling sick and all. Much better after 1 cup of cranberry yami yogurt. This is not bad!

Cranberry yogurt with colourful pebbles 
Love this picture. I took so long to edit please.

Made our way to Wheelock Place (when was the last time I stepped in?) and had desserts. 

Crispy Hazelnut Blended
Coffee Club 
Wheelock Place 
(Right outside 1 of the M&S's exit)

Muddy mud pie

Really don't like the drink. Love love love TCC's hazelnut one! #craving

Basically, we spent roughly 2 hours, sitting and chilling likea boss. Feels sooooo good I swear. 
I wouldn't mind 1 whole day. Coffee khakis, anyone? :D

Parted with Tim. Went FEP to hunt for a pair of shoes for da cow. Ite I bought another pair for myself. LOLLLL NO MORE SHOES. *chops off hands*

Very similar, just different in terms of height. Wore it today and it gave me 2 blisters. A little too small but it keeps slipping out! Dk what's wrong with this pair. 

Met Tim and Sm after their date in Parliament House. Pasar Malam for food. Japanese Pizza. :3
My... super late dinner. Stay on and chatted a little. That's my Saturday. 


Today.... Sw and I almost kena karma trolololl. Ok la everything happens for a reason.
However, it was not a bad experience. Thrilling, daring and all. 

Tomorrow.... college day to kaypoh. Not like I am taking any awards. I just love to crash places like this (really?). Support syah syah & the girls. Maybe eat some cheap canteen food heheeheeee.