Titanic @ Art Science Museum

Efficient, no? A very impromptu trip I swear. We briefly discussed over yakun on Sat and there we were, Art Science Museum on Sunday. I cannot take such surprises on daily basis ok.
Managed to climb out of bed despite sleeping at about 2am. Not bad.

If you are wondering, we went for both Titanic and Warhol exhibition. I survived the Titanic btw.
In my opinion, it wasn't a bad experience but I was really expecting something more than what I got. Warhol one is a pop art exhibition. Or something along that line. I'm not a very artistic person but I was quite impressed by some of his work. Nice. Cost roughly around $25 for admission, if I remember correctly.


The whole touring thing really drained up to bones. Walked all the way to Marina Square for food. (And my fav pair of wedge broke wtf  T__T) Comfort food aka Mac. 

Crispy Chicken Burger ($4.55)

I find this really tasty. Nom nom. Got 1-for-1 deal which makes it so worth it. #goodtogooutinpairs

Dark Chocolate Chip Frappe ($4.95)

Tried this as well. Not bad. I nom down 1 butterscotch ice-cream because I am craving for it. Meh. 
Oh all the prices stated are what I roughly remember. I'm not the one doing the calculation that's why. 

Talked and parted very soon after. 



This picture is pretty deceiving. It is really... cmi. Forget it. Will get it trim soon.
I can't have bangs nowadays. The weather is crazy. I can imagine myself pinning my hair to everywhere very soon. 

Oh the filter is awesome. Save my time on photoshop. Nan de see a photo that doesn't go through photoshop and/or heavy make-up. 
Camera360 is awesome. Good things must share, right. :3
Oh stop staring at my toot face. I swear this one is the best out of the 10 odd pieces. :/