Tips for healthy looking hair

PS. very wordy but worthy post :D

It has been a long and tedious journey for me to have what I have today - a head of glory. LOL.
I love my hair. Like a mother's love for her kid. Heee.
Do you know how much time, effort and money I spent on this baby?

In the past, shiny healthy hair is never a phrase to describe my hair, sadly. My hair used to be dry, frizzy but not very curly (despite it is something that runs in my genes).
I'm glad I met someone who changed my life. as well as my hair.
I took my first leap into beautiful hair, when I was in secondary 4.

I went for my first whole head rebonding. People were like, your hair is not curly at all you don't have to rebond. But, I rebonded because I want healthier-looking hair. Note the word looking.

A lot of people often thought with rebonding, your dry, frizzy hair will regain its glory. NO. MISTAKE. Big one.
Yes, no doubt, you will enjoy shiny straight hair for the first couple of months. BUT, without proper care, it will break even easily, it will dry up even more.
After all, rebonding IS a chemical treatment.

So after my first rebonding, I started to take really good care of them to preserve my shine and healthiness in  my hair.
Finally, jet black long, straight hair.
Here are some habits I changed/took up.

1. I only applied shampoo to my scalp
I'm not sure whether this is true or not but I heard shampoos are drying to your hair. Furthermore, only your scalp is sort of living and hair itself is dead. You just have to remove the sweat/dirt clogging the hair pores.. scalp pores. Whatever.
I know dust and stuff will also get trap in your hair, so what I do is after massaging my scalp with shampoo, I will run the water from top down so that the shampoo can bring along traces of dirt and dust as it flows down with the running water.
By practicing this, I saved a ton of shampoo and hair is indeed less dry.

2. Be gentle
I don't tug, pull, violent comb or scrub my hair/scalp. Just treat it the way you treat cute little babies :3
Btw I hate it when salons wash my hair. Scrub vegetables is it?! I can NEVER find one place who treats my hair like hair T_T. They literally tug/pull/wash so hard I wanna die on the spot. Every time when I step out of a salon I feel... abused. LOL. Is this legit enough to hate salons? So this is probably why I don't fancy a cut/any treatments outside. If possible.

3. Wash with lukewarm water
I can never understand why people ever wash their hair in almost boiling water. I'm not sure.. but I've to readjust the water temperature every time I shower. Or... is it just my family lol? Scorching hot water can lead to hair fall ok! So lukewarm is fine. My theory is, anything your face can accept will be anything your hair can accept. (doesn't work for thick skin people though :>)

4. Rinse with cold water
This is not a repetitive point. Rinsing with cold water is extremely important. I'm very much a Science person. Cold water will close the cuticles and smooths down your hair. PS, that is why you need to wash with lukewarm water. Open up the pores etc! Rinsing with cold water will seal in all the moisture, especially after using any sort of hair treatment, and make your hair shine.

5. Do not comb your hair when it is wet
Common sense? If your hair breaks it will not be as nice anymore. I guess this is one of the causes of flyaway, untamed hair. Sometimes they will make your hair look and feel frizzy. So anything that can lead to your hair breaking, stop it.

6. Use hair treatment regularly
Hair treatments are like vitamins. Use them as often as you can. In fact, I never really use a conditioner because I find them pointless (sorry). They never work for me. Maybe it is just those I tried. If you have any good conditioners, do recommend me! I've a personalised method when it comes to this point. As in how to apply, shorten time usage and reap the most benefits. Will do it in another post. If I ever feel like that.

7. Massage your scalp
Thumbs up for blood circulation. Massaging your scalp frequently can promote blood circulation. This will improve the look and feel of your new grown hair. Note, hair are dead cells so I guess it will not help your fried ends. Condition it or chop it off. You can massage your scalp when you are shampooing, when you're drying your wet hair or even right before you sleep. Anytime, anywhere.

8. Eat healthy
Do not spam salty food. Extremely bad for your hair and it'll cause hair fall. Argh but I really love maggie mee (which is really bad for hair) so what I'd do is add very less seasoning. At least it is not SO bad right? :x More veg, more fruits! It is good to include more protein and iron rich food in your diet. Go research on your own because I don't really eat anything special for my hair. I just strike out salty contents.

9. Stay happy
Your mood will affect how your hair looks, really. Stay happy and somehow your hair will look better and feel softer. It's good for your mental health as well as your skin too, so do it!

10. Do not sleep on your hair

11. Do not sleep with wet hair
It is bad for your body and hair.
All folded and ugly :(

Sometimes I'm really lazy to blow dry my hair at night so I went to bed with damp/wet hair. I know, very bad. It is really bad so don't be like me! This is by far one the the greatest no-no.

12. Avoid styling your hair
I don't mean please don't brush your hair. I mean, don't straighten/dye/curl/blow your hair unnecessary. I know hair will ultimately grow back and all the damaged hair will be chopped off but it will take hell long. And once you start to do shit to your hair, you can't exactly stop. Not that you can't do anything to your hair but minimise their contact with heat and styling products as much as possible. Feed them with serums and moisturisers whenever you can. Do not schedule chemical treatments (rebonding, dye) one after another. Give your hair some time to recover.

13. Comb your hair
Combing your hair is very important if you want to have nice-looking hair. It will style everything in place as well. If you know me, and my lazy personality, I don't usually comb my hair with a comb/brush. Most of the time I just finger comb through and remove any tangles if there is.

14. Do not towel-dry your hair
Air dry is the best. Towel-drying your hair will cause abrasion and it can damage the surface of a hair strand.

15. Love your hair
You have to love your hair. Don't keep the mentality that hair will grow out after a while so even if I damage it, I can just snap those locks away. Nothing likes to be replaced. Yes, they'd have to go one day but to that very last second, you ought to love it like it is yours. Not some grass patch lying on the floor.

There is a lot of things I do to keep what I'm happy to have now. Years past and I'm still doing roughly the same thing. Having nice hair is not a distant dream my dear. You just have to put in the required effort and before you realise, you will get what you've been yearning for all this while.

I have never really openly told anyone how I took care of my hair. It's my secret you know :3
Alright now you know how I did it you better practice some of the stuff I do and start loving your hair more. They might be dead cells but how happy they look will be how happy you look.

I hope it helps you!
Xo good luck girls!