So the longest gonna be over

Day 2's post. I can do this. 

All the things are up and running smoothly. Really appreciated everything happening to me. A company farewell event on Wednesday.... at a place I've never been to. 
Oh well, we will see how everything goes I think.

I guess there will be many changes these couple of days, stay tuned.
In fact, I'm so afraid yet I'm dying to go for all of them. I mean, I don't wanna keep living life the easy way, the comfortable way. The, plain boring way. I need some changes, some excitement. The amount of uncertainties will literally weigh me down and drown me in the sea, I swear. The journey from where I was to where I am standing right now is so tedious. That's why. That's why I'm so reluctant to disrupt this serenity. I've worked hard and still working hard to maintain what I've now. I hope I don't regret any choices I made.

Let's do the rest of the post in points form.

1. Ate at Fareast plaza Thai food, basement. Nice and cheap. Basil chicken is a must try. Mango sticky rice is so much better than the ones I had in Thailand! What is this?
2. Have sort of narrowed down the camera models. All I have to do now is save enough and get it! Can it be in May? I really hope it can be. Then I can justify this purchase as my birthday gift. Trololol on top of my Chanel Chance perfume I've been aiming for all this while. :3
3. I got 1 big scratch on my thigh. Nooooo~ I can't figure out how I injured myself as well.
4. There is currently a lot of things running through my mind. I don't know where to start, I don't know how to start. Let me try to sort them out hoho.
5. You must know how words can hurt another person.
6. And I saw something damn disgusting on the train. My eyes....
7. Oh yes, I'm wondering why one of my eyes is bigger than the other.... I blame the front camera yo. 

That's alllllllll.
I gonna think of something more interesting for tomorrow. #jyjl!

Dream: Be effortlessly pretty.