Sick old Jie Lin

I'm on my bed now, fighting my virus. Had meds already and gonna nap after this post.

This is the second time this year im sick. Not running a fever, as of now. I am trying to drink more water so that I can recover. I hate fever. More than drinking water. So I drink water. This is weird. I mean, my sentence structure.

Anyway, my left side of my face is swollen likea Bao -___- all my infections and ulcer are on the left. Then again, I am very weird. So this is probably not very weird..?

(can see I am not thinking straight now)

Today should be a fun day you know. Resorts world sentosa to check the place out. Damnz. Better rest well and prepare for my long weekend.

However, my day is, and will not be that bad after all. I get some rest, if I feel better I can go out for some grocery shopping likea housewife and probably just laze around likea slug. Like. I also received my first uni confirmation. Sadly, not the one I have been waiting for desperately. NUS SCIENCE. NTU Kuai Kuai lai. Plus, today is payday. :)

Next few days will be damn awesome as well. Maybe I will write about them after I am up from my nap.

Now sickgirl93 is craving for porriadge (that's what sick people eat right). Buy from crystal jade or sm's house coffe shop. Both are nice.
If not I'd cook maggie mee. Craving.

See ya!