Protect yourself and hurt others

Sometimes you never know what one sentence or a casual remark will do to another person.

More so when you are protecting yourself.

If you're standing at the receiver's end, you will be able to feel and see for yourself it is not that easy at all.

I'm probably 10x more lost than anyone else. Even if history repeats a thousand times, I can never learn to handle such situation well.

Far from well. I will just screw everything up in a different way.

Oh yea. Just some random thoughts.

I've been leaving this space empty for quite a while. Never fail to abandon this place when I am working. 8 hours in front of the com is not very fun at all. I need to do something else when I reach home (ranges from sleeping to daydreaming)

Anyhow, this is a short update for you guys. Thurs be over soon and lets just embrace our weekends. Awesome?

Don't dwell on unhappiness; because they can never turn into happiness. No point.