Plain honesty

I've been following the updates on the twitter drama these couple of days. I don't usually care so much about such stuff but I'm very pissed when my favourite reads are involved. There aren't a whole lot of blogs I read on a daily basis so anything related to them, I will have the tendency to find out a little bit more.

It is hard to say sorry and admit what you've done but it'd be harder to spin out lies to cover the mistakes you've made. No?

Anyway, all the different sides of the story are making me confused. Though so, there are those few I sincerely believe in.

Aiya complicated world.

I have seriously no motivation to blog anymore. A whole lot of backlogs to clear but I'm just too lazy to go through the photos. I'm so bored; I took a nap right after I woke up and finished 1 pack of potato chips.
Hmm I think I will load some running man (Need something to laugh about), drink some more water and do some sketching.