New shoes

Today I was flooded with phone calls. So many of them. Yawns. Managed to finish all I needed to before 6. Good good. 3 hours non-stop. Worth every minute. Working under tremendous time constraint, stress and responsibility is not so bad after all.

Went to one of the hotels today as well. Took the car lift. First time in my life. Amazing. A little scary but all the excitement sort of covers every single drop of fear.

Lastly, went to shop with Jess after work and bought a new pair of wedges. I can never get enough of shoes. And perfume. And make up. And food? But shoes and perfumes are my top favourites. :3

1 more day to work. Then my (packed to the brim) weekends will be here. Good or bad?
We'd see.

Good nights I'm turning in early.