My weekends :3

Lovely week. Spent so much time with so many important people in my life. X

Friday, 13/4/2012

Weekly affair with dearests.
Bear was really nice. Went home tgt after his interview/his shopping/my work.


He got candies and ice-cream for us gluttons as well heheee.
Lt made us chocolate marshmallows too!

Credits: x

Very nice picture which I conveniently ripped from her blog trololol.

Very nice. Not a candy-person that why I didn't spam a lot.

Do I have to repeat what we did after that? (:

Trololollll Kai is damn funny 

Set this as wallpaper but it scared the shit outta me (might be one of the contributing factors to my nightmare I had this morning). Changed it already heheee.

Saturday, 14/4/2012
Met 12A after like what? 10 years? Hehe.
Coincidentally, we saw Mdm Chan during our lunch meet up. Talked, chilled and fooled around.

Oh, we went to KungFu Paradise for lunch. It's Halal btw.

KungFu Paradise
Located: Sembawang Shopping Center


Sausage 'Babe' Rice IS MINE ^^
Really creative name, nono? 

Had a billion plans but man, all failed. No movie slots/seats/too full for anything. 
So we did what we are so good at - talk in the middle of the road most of the time and block other peoples' way. Yeah.

I miss that day so much man. Hopefully, someday. If that ever happens again. T__T

Rotate your head, save me some time. 

Sunday, 15/4/2012

Strawberry Coil ($2)

Did my strawberry coil thing oh yeah. :D As in coiled it around my door frame. Just in case you thought I got smarter. LOLLLL~ Spammed 1 whole day of drama - prosecutor princess (2 more ep to go!) and did some household chores. Cleaned my computer/computer area and room. Barely 1 day passed and it is back to square 2. Not super messy like square 1 but no where better. 

Monday, 17/4/2012
Late for work. Banged my head against the drawer when I woke up. Bad dream. Worms, cockroaches, ghost.... -__- and me overweight. Too much to handle in a dream. Please don't do this to me again dear brain.

Too many things to settle for my job. Just shitload of stuff. Not giving up yet. Far from it. I just can't wait to enjoy life after I finished everything. Like the awesome moment when you strike off 1 task from your to-do-list.

There is so many things waiting for me to do, to decide. Just me rest for the day. Leave everything to tomorrow, okay?