Monday Reds

In the end I am still in the office, working. I hope this week will be good and easy. :]

I wonder when I would take my time off. No major events/dates #sadlife
There are actually quite a lot of things to handle this week. A whole ton of me-time and sleeping. Hope I have enough time to do it. *cross fingers*


I'm really a failure when it comes to relationship stuff. At a loss, really. What can make things better? It is just so heartbreaking. Guess there is no easy way out once you sink into this thorns-filled wonderland. You just have to bear the pain and whether you'd come out alive or not is another story. So focus on putting one foot in front of the other; that at least doesn't make you stuck at the same spot for ever and ever. That at least makes you move forward, away from what you're facing now. At least this is what I think so. Slowly, before you realise, things got better. The day is brighter and the people are happier. You just have to keep moving forward. Breathe and move. The people outside of the love game will never understand the amount of pain, frustrations, lost and tears. It is just so crazy yet you can't run away. Or you don't want to. Life is one big complication on its own. No matter what, friends will be your mental support. No one will give up if you don't give up,