I'm suffering from the worst headache ever. Felt slightly better after 2 slices of pear. Am craving for food but I'm too lazy to cut. Is it possible to get in the early morning? As in sliced pieces. Will check the food court out. Try my luck. Oh well.

Read back the post I wrote in the morning and I think I am really weird. Guess half-conscious people should never write a post :/

Anyw, back to the sick topic. If I am still not feeling well, should I take off again? I feel so bad, leaving all the work to my managers. I can't be that irresponsible right? If not I just clear them and leave after that?

Need help in deciding. However, I can't really come to decision until I know how I feel tomorrow morning (still craving for sliced fruits).

No amount of sleep helps my headache. Nor meds. T_T

Will be back healthy. Xo