You should love me like a love song

Update of the week:
1. I had the best congee in my life! Located in a pretty secluded corner in Centrepoint. I am quite certain I will head back to that place again so a detailed post soon. I really hope!
2. I have some good news but I'm still not quite sure yet. Let's just give everything a while to confirm.
3. I had visited all the 3 Unis I'm interested. Now, I've tons of brochures to read, courses to choose and probably some essays to write.
4. My weekly affair with sm has officially ended. (No more open house T___T). But I really wish we'd meet up every week or two heheheee.
5. Something from the net cheered me up a whole lot. (:
6. The night is still young. Let me just wash my plates (from dinner lol) and start writing some posts.
7. Next week will be an interesting/busy week. All the events and stuff clogging my schedule. Even at night. I hope I've enough energy to go through all that.

Alright! That's all!
Love from xo.

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