Update of the week: Suay max day

I look old here life without coloured lens T___T

I know, so much of seeing me here 'tomorrow'. Well, at least I came! Though I'm late. Sorry sorry.

1. I had steak after donkey years. Dined at meatworks @ ion for a farewell. Had my virgin TWG session with colleagues and bosses.
2. I ran 1.25miles on thurs. not forgetting some toning exercising. Life is good when I have additional energy to spare.
3. I need to pack my room, messier than a ... What can I even relate it to? Nothing I guess
4. I made a stupid idiotic mistake on Friday. My weekends doesn't look as good now. No wait, I made 2. Damage done. Now let's just try to salvage the situation as much as possible. I'm really sorry. Really. Sorry and ily are not words hanging in my mouth. So if you ever hear them from me, yes I meant it.
5. I'm hungry. I'm a poor kid
6. On a happier note, I met the army boyz today. Chilled and immersed myself in love. Ok la I feel better already.
7. Happy birthday ang Seow wen. I will blog about my fav cow soon.
8.Ok my eyes are shutting. See you back here tomorrow. Serious. Dead serious. I will blog before I leave my cute den. (for Sw's birthday parteh)

X love from my comfortable bed on my mighty iPhone.