The thrill you get when you strike off a task in your checklist

Hardworking me. I'm sure you've noticed: So many blogposts these couple of days. Life is so boring. Is yours too? I hope I somewhat entertained 2 mins of your day. :3

Simple posts take really long to write (I know, I've repeated this for the 19049403th time). From the products/things to taking pictures to editing them to uploading and writing, every one is horrendously long. It is like a mini PW every single day. I am trying my best to channel my energy to better use instead of mulling over some seriously retarded stuff. Sad for? I should enjoy my fair share of happiness as well, you know.

I hope this hardworking mode will stick with me till end of University. Ok, maybe end of this year. Finish everything as quickly as possible. To all others as well. Move on, move fast.

Random note but I'm desperately saving up - for Uni, for some buying power, for my new gadget/gadgets.
Life will definitely get more tiring but I guess I have to force myself to carry on.
I miss all my friends and I miss having fun. I miss laughing so hard and I miss having so much.
When will everything come back to me?

Abrupt ending.

Oh ya, download scramble with friends! Love this game so much I'm playing with strangers!

ps: realised I wrote volatile instead of versatile in my adv for shopthelust lol stupid me

Old song but just a sudden surge of feelings.

花 接受凋零 风 接受追寻
心的伤还有一些 不要紧

# 你将会被谁抱紧 唱什么歌哄他开心
地球不曾为谁停一停 #

你的明天 有多快乐 不是我的
时间把习惯换了 伤口愈合
你的祝福 一半甜的 一半苦的
我只能唱著 一半的歌

If only we meet again. If only.