Those who don't care, don't matter

There are people who are genuinely true to you. As foolish as they seem, they aren't. Simple-minded? At least I know I don't have to worry about any hidden intention or fake a laugh. Nor hold back tears.

The world might be a selfish and cruel place but you don't have to be.

If you're lenient to other people you'd be cruel to yourself.... Yes, true. You can't fly and touch the sky. But boy, the skies stretch to infinity. So...exactly what are you working so hard for?

So you got to know where is the limit to your sky. Not others'. Not the society's.

Just a random thought.

Anyway, I fell down again. Before the traffic lights damn this shit seriously. I want to dig a hole and hide.
Blah, but all the falling/mistakes are making my life so much more... interesting. Gosh, I sound sick here.

I just laugh it off and mentally stab those who were laughing at me. (damn you).

Nah, not angry or what. Just amused. I never fell so many times in a year before. Not to mention it is just 3 months into 2012.

I'm still on project #1. Gah so lazy to continue. I hope I get my lazyass moving and finish it up!
(PS for so many offensive words in this post.)

Now, let me shower first. 11.35pm and I'm still in my work wear. LOL.

See you very soon my cutie pies :3
(I hope tomorrow!)