So naive, so young

I got to stop being so lazy. Those lazy bugs are eating me from inside out. I literally collapsed and napped the moment I reached home, every single day. What's wrong with me? Does sleeping so much makes me more tired? Hur.

University admission is driving me crazy. I can't decide my course, I can't decide. Too scared to. I wanted to just submit any one and live with it... but I can't. The opportunity cost is too large.
I guess I need to hear views from different people. Well, I only have one person in mind.
omg I don't have time to look for him. Thursday? Yes Thursday shall be my life-changing day lol.

This is totally random by the way. I'm not sure why I'm always sending global texts (since sh charged me in my bills). WHY? I don't recall texting anyone out of Singapore. Who is that person! So this month, I went over my cap for bills. And anyone kind enough to tell me how to utilise the reward points? The thing I like about starhub is they'd inform you the number of points you have in your account so you can sort of benefit from their reward scheme. Unlike singtel. Forever hard to figure out until I've given up.

Before I jump off cyberspace...

Sick ninja taken @ zz's xmas exchange 2011.
Last Christmas. Too long ago. 

Your 1-minute entertainment shall cease here. See you back in my channel tomorrow.