Random Sunday With The Girls

So after much discussion and changing of plans, we decided to have a simple outing: movie, eating and some minor shopping.

First, we had lunch at Pastamania. Yeah, food when we've no craving. Wait. I'm actually craving for Manhattan but the queue was horrible.

Some fungi cheese-based pasta ($7.90?)

Basil Chicken :3 
Look at the cheese man. I see them converting into fats.

We also got some sort of cheese sticks. The chili sauce is great!

Did the usual nonsense and met up with yq and ape. Made our way to amk hub and got tickets for:


I find it is really not bad! I mean, meaningful. But both yue and wen don't really appreciate. 

"If the whole world is one big machine, then everyone will have their own purpose. Because there isn't any spare parts in a machine"

Did a little shopping and went to have late dinner.
Tasted my first pudding-like tao huey and I love it to the bits!

Some store in AMK Food Centre.

Yea, I'm sort of obsessed with bean curd. We made our way down to old airport road to get the highly-raved lao ban. Sadly, the place was closed for washing! >:(
On that same day (I believe yesterday) I went to get Mr bean soya pudding. Meh. Not nice.

Okay I'm done with my obsession. 

Now, I believe you're more interested in what happened today right? Yes, A level results. 

I wouldn't say it is good nor bad. Leave it to next time ba. 

Let me do some posts (if I've the energy). A couple more eps to end of protect the boss. Niceeeee :3