Project mode

All the working/feeling tired is getting me nowhere. I need to do things to enrich my life. Make my numbering golden age aka 18th year on Earth more fulfilling. Thought out some stuff to get my hands (and brain) working during my free time. Better than sleeping my night away?

Will be blogging about these so-called projects soon. Gonna snap pictures with my digi cam. Nowhere near DSLR but meh, better than iPhone quality photos right!!!

I'm going to clean my room a little when I reached home. Enough of sleeping in a rubbish chute.

I haven't clean up the mess yet. 1 more day in mountain of dump. But I started my project #1 already. Looking good. Come, let me complete it by tomorrow.

Then I will blog about it! Excitingzxzx.

Apparently Shrek to sm looks like some cute teddy bear with tuby ears. 

Time to snooze. Blog tomorrow. 

Apologise for the long hiatus. I'm officially back! (though the Internet thing is not quite solved yet). 
My browsers wouldn't even load when my sis is on her computer. Have to call noob shit singtel tomorrow. New plan, upgraded speed but it is slower than before. Plus, no new miobox? Irresponsible and not efficient at all. Z.