Our NS men

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I know this took too long. 1 week 1 day to write this post. Surprisingly.

I thought it'd be interesting to put 2 pictures together. a little #fail though. :3 Still cute la idc. 
And guess what? I have to draw in Kai's face because his big face was cut out, as shown below.

Anyhow, last week we finally met up!

Headed to Sm's house to have dinner + just chill around. Yu pian mee fen. Generous serving. Man I've been craving for it since forever. (Despite having it for lunch at least once a week). The ape virus, I reckon.

Had my usual doze of fun and love from those people. And mac. What's new?

Some ugly pictures to fill this space.

On a happier note, I'm meeting the guys tonight for some singing, which I regretted almost immediately.
-____________________________________________- What was I thinking? Lol. Bring some earplugs along ba.

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I need to nom something first before leaving my place. If not, I will die as a branch. Fat one.
And I have to google branch because fml I forgot how to spell. LOL and yq also never correct me. T___T