New Gadgets

Helllllooooooo. Blogging via the new little guy I bought home from IT fair. I hate IT fair. There was this bloody guy who literally stuck his whole er xin body to me _|_. And by the word stick, means there is practically no gap between us wtf wtf wtf. *skip other gross details wtf*. I'm not being sensitive. He tailed us from one end to the other wtf. Sorry but I hate people like that man. I elbowed him twice tmd. Wanted to step him wtf but too bad, I ain't in heels. Sicko er xin da bian rot in hell tq.

Sorry. I was really pissed off. Hate it hate it.

So, at least I've some sort of net book/laptop to carry out if I really need to. Sadly, both aren't mine :(
July will be my turn hheheee.
Checked a couple of cameras. I need money for that. So much for saving up lol.

Have you checked the posts I did below? Go ba.

Trust is like mirror, once broken, it'd never be the same again. 
Stop hurting those who love you the most. They might never leave nor abandon you but I hope you'd see how sad they are. Put yourself in their shoes and walk their path. See how much they have given up for you. You selfish creature please have a heart and a brain. Enough said. Stop hurting people I love the most.