My important choices

Ah. I just feel like doing what the picture shows: Sit here and eat. Forget everything. But it's not possible. Oh well.

Anyway, I sort of decided on the path I'm going to take. 1 more phone call tomorrow and I shall submit my applications. Let's not drag any later. In case shit happens.
Prefer NTU to NUS. pray I get my desired course!

Lastly, it is time to face the music tomorrow. Nooooo.

Thinking about it makes me feel like dying T___T I don't even want to talk I anyone. In case I just flare up because so many things are trying to bring me down.

Haizzxzxz I need to know how to get out of this quicksand. Before I sink in deeper, nearer to the edge of depression Wts.

You can give me some mental support via clicking my ads/provide me with a part time job. Because money is one of the irritating issues I can't settle.

Nooooo. The start of uni will be hell for my bank account.
That's all folks.