I've a Common Face T_T

Weird title? I never thought I'm classified as 'common face' LOL. Apparently, not one or two told me they saw someone who looks like me on the streets! Nooooo. I thought I'm quite unique~

Headed to SMU for their open house today. Flooded with JC people. And probably some poly kids. Attended a talk/browsed through some booths. SMU is a good school for business. But is it for me? Questions I've yet to find answers. Uncertainties. Meh.

Social science is a good area to study. Like it broadens your perspectives etc. However, I'm still more comfortable with a more job-promising course. (Not like social science doesn't, just not as much as other courses?). I'm still very new to the whole University thing. I can't believe I'm even thinking about this topic. Oh my distant dream is finally coming true?

Nonetheless, I will most likely put SMU business as one of my choices. Hmmm. More is better than less? (please direct translate to Chinese to make it sound less weird).

I will decide when I visit all the schools. 
Good luck to me then. 

One more random thing: New game <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I changed to this because this is really exciting! And that stupid sandwich game is so hard! I can only proceed and die in the second stage if I'm lucky. IF. Like 10 out of 50 times. I suck at this man.