Review: Skin & Lab Vitamin Creams (C, E, K)

This is my first facial product so I'm a little nervous. I mean, it might do wonders for my skin but it might not for you as well. So, please do consider in terms of your own skin type before rushing down to purchase any of my holy grails (or other peoples').

I just hope all the reviews I write serve as a little friendly guide for you girls (or guys) out there.
wo hai shi ge you yong de ren (sorry to non-Chinese readers, if there is any).

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A couple of months ago I picked up 3 moisturisers from the oh-so-convenient Gmarket.
What attracted me was 1. it's from Korea 2. the reviews 3. it is vitamin cream.

Everyone knows how good vitamins are right!
Vit C for radiance,whitening and brightening
Vit E for hydration
Vit K for dark circles

skin & lab vitamin creams qoo10
Skin Lab Vitamin Moisturiser
(Not a very pretty picture 3:)
What: Moisturiser
Size: 30ml
Price: $18
Where to buy: Gmarket store
Originated from: Korea
Delivery time: Roughly 2 weeks (standard shipping)

Vit C cream
For: Face, eyes
Prevents: Dark circles, photo-aging, dull skin
Consistency: Gel form
Scent: A tinge of citrus

What I like about it:

The texture
As it is in gel form, it can be easily absorbed. Love it soooo much. This was the very first tube I opened and I was so impressed. Love the consistency a lot.

The smell
Err do I have to explain this again? Anything that smells nice = good point (please refer to other H/M)

The convenience
I guess I need to use a bit more words for this point. This is the moisturiser I will bring whenever I have stay overs or stuff like that. It's all-in-one! Yes, it can be used for even our delicate under eye area. It is not oily and penetrates so quickly into my skin.  Not too oily for me :). So I can carry 1 product less.

What I don't really like:

The size
To be honest, I was expecting something a tad bigger than that. After all, they are not exactly very cheap. Wait, I would say not super value for money compared one other moisturiser I owned. But it's okay.

The effects
If you're observant enough, you'd notice I wrote what I don't really like instead of what I don't like. Sadly, even after months of using, I cannot see any visible brightening effects. Well, I don't blame the product for this. To attain bright clear skin is like mastering level 99; difficult. Plus, it's only a couple of months (not to say I don't use it everyday). However, something I'm quite sure is that it is not exactly moisturising. My skin still feels a little dry after applying.
Yes, I've dry skin.

Vit E Cream
For: Face
Prevents: Dry skin
Consistency: Cream form
Scent: I can't describe.

What I like about it:


I tried using it more frequently but I just can't bring myself to. Can't see any good points worth mentioning.

What I don't like about it:

The smell
I hate minty smell. Unless it is chocolate mint ice-cream or toothpaste.

The texture
It is the 'thicker' cream type. A little harder for my skin to absorb.

The effect:
Vit E is supposed to hydrate super dry skin (which is what I have, T___T); however, I don't see any difference. Can't bring myself to continue using. I will use it once in a while, hoping to finish it soon. NO WASTAGE.

Vit K Cream
For: Face, eyes
Prevents: Dark circles, redness
Consistency: Cream form
Scent: Can't smell much

What I like about it + What I don't like about it:

I've seriously no comments.
Dark circles and redness are imprinted on my face, sadly. Anyway, it is really hard to get rid of them! I still use it nonetheless. I hope to see some miracles very soon *pray*

The Verdict:
Wow, very hard. Hard as in very hard to decide whether I like or don't like the brand. Well, I guess it is normal? Take for example my favourite Essentials hair care, I love some products to death but some are like, meh, totally can live without.

Generally, I am fine with the products as they didn't break me out. Thank god. I like the vit C cream the most and really don't appreciate vit E cream. Taking a neutral stand for Vit K cream. Yeah. complicated.

Rating: 6/10
Repurchase: No

I gave it a pass because at least no break-outs. So is this a hit or missed? I'm sitting on the fence.

Now now, time to finish them up and ship others over.