Hit/Miss: Garnier Aqua Defense Refreshing Toner

Finished 2 bottles of this toner, I think it it time to review it:

Garnier Aqua Defense Refreshing Toner
What: Toner
Good for: Lift off impurities, instant refreshed skin, hydrating 
Size: 200ml
Price: $9.90
Where to buy: Watsons/Beauty stores/Marts
Made in: China

What I like about it:

Light, refreshing apple scent. Nice.

The feeling on skin
This is indeed very refreshing on my skin. Furthermore, it can lift off impurities on the surface of my skin. On days I am too lazy/rushed to wash my face, I will wet my cotton pad with the toner and wipe my face with it. Very refreshing and it can remove surface impurities.

The value
A fairly large bottle for a good price. Value for money.

What I don't like about it:

The content
When my skin was really bad, I find this toner a little too harsh. If I am not wrong, my friend suffered from rashes after using this. (she might be allergic to apple inside the toner). I guess this is pretty personal. Just something you might want to take note, especially sensitive skin people.

The Verdict
Personally I don't really mind using this toner. However, I did not see much improvement in my skin.
2 bottles, 2 chances. Time to give up this facial product. If you really like it, continue to use it! Don't be affected by me alright.

Rating: ☻☻☻☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Repurchase again: No
Btw the smiley faces very cute right! 3 black out of 10 = 3/10.
Trying to find stars one! (Actually I found, just lazy.)