Happy Birthday SeowWen Cowie

We talked about her celebration roughly two weeks in advance. Took really long before we finalised a plan. I really think the 'method' yq thought was excellent. A little fail though. IT'S OKAY!

Oh, if you recall, the second idiotic thing I did on Friday was... I lost the card yq made. T____T The cow is realllllly cute. T___T Stupid me.

Remade one. Was pretty rushed so the card wasn't perfect. Didn't even have the time to snap pictures *hint sw*

We were practically rushing EVERYWHERE hur. Sad sad. Never mind. Not a bad experience.
First we went for dinner

Photo credit: x
The Ship Restaurant & Bar
23 Serangoon Central, Nex
Tel (Reservation): 68343733
Website: Click

Spacious, clean and nicely decorated. Nautical feel. Nice.

Are you ready for food pictures? All pictures taken by zizhao.

Escargots Bourguinonne (1/2 dozen) ($13.90)
Snails baked in shells seasoned with Chablis garlic butter

My first time trying. Not sure it is good or not. Don't taste/feel slimy don't worry.

Ship Combo Set Meal ($20.90)
Chicken, pork, prawns and sausage

 Grilled fish
I'm not sure which one is that as Ape came late and we didn't discuss (rushing for time!)

 Grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet ($19.90)
Grilled skin crispy on a bed of sauteed spinach, served with lime sauce

 Chicken Ala Ship ($15.90)
Topped with ham and mushrooms, baked with cheese served with cream sauce

 Twin U.S Pork Chop ($15.90)
Prime cut of pork loin drizzled with prune sauce, served with vegetables and potatoes

Which was mine? Obviously the cheese thing.
Er, the food wasn't fantastic. I doubt I will go back again. Nothing is nice enough for me to recommend. 

After food and bill we carried out our surprise plan. Oh well. At least cowie is not that dumb. :D
Passed her her present and it's 720pm. The start of our movie.

Rushed like crazy but we've to act like we're not rushing. LOL.
Only managed to enter the cinema at about 8pm. Oh well.

 The Hunger Games

The movie is really good! Hard to come by. All the actions etc. :D

After the show we stood around talking and drawing lots. Very epic thing happened and we just laugh out really loud. Well well life is good with little funny moments every now and then.

Man I miss me laughing. Too busy fretting over anything possible. Too troubled. I hate it.

Anyway, hope you noob cow enjoyed today.
You are my best pole to lean on for always. I'd be yours too anytime when you need. (But you need to jian fei if not I will be flatten by ya). And jia you in picking up a couple of insults to shoot me back. Oh and get a job asap.

X happy birthday!