Give blood!

Oh hi. Hi. HI. I can't believe I did it too. I can't believe I went alone. #independent or #foreveralone?

So the title says it all; donate blood.
I went to blood bank @ woodlands to give my first 'red packet' yesterday. 

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Blood Bank @ Woodlands
900 South Woodlands Drive
#05-07 Woodlands Civic Centre (opposite Causeway Point)
Singapore 730900

note: Apheresis donation is not available at Bloodbank@Woodlands

For Whole Blood Donations
Opening Hours
Wednesday to Friday
Tuesday & Public Holidays
Christmas Eve
New Year Eve
Chinese New Year Eve
12 pm – 8 pm
12 pm – 8 pm
9 am – 5 pm
9 am – 2 pm
9 am – 2 pm
9 am – 2 pm
9 am – 2 pm

Many people asked me 'WHY SO SUDDEN?'

Yes, I know. S.O S.U.D.D.E.N.

I was taken aback by my own actions too. Anyway, not a ton of difference to me (so far) but I know it'd make a great difference for the one who receives my blood!

I've no intention of psyching you to give away your haemoglobin. I'm here just to share the whole experience with you. How you want to deal with 350ml/450ml of blood at the end of the day is your choice.

Btw, being about to donate blood means... 45kg and above. Yes, I hit it. The fatty me weighs 45.5kg. At least at the blood bank. I think the 1kg over is probably just shit. Constipation, issue?

Ok I should stop being so disgusting and get to the point straight.

Is this blood bank @ woodlands new? No recollection of it at all.

My 1-hour inside.
I went in, I told the receptionist this is my first time. I was directed to the donating chair (the chair you lay on during the process lol). The nurse checked my veins on both my hands. This is essential as some peoples' veins are too thin for the tube to be inserted. They will be given some sort of exercise ball and they are supposed to exercise their hands for 3 months.

(I overheard a nurse telling another girl lol)

I did my registration and went for a 1-min check up with the doctor on duty. Measured my weight, took my blood pressure, body temperature and also tested my haemoglobin level. Pain level for haemoglobin test: 0/10. It is really not painful at all. I was just taken aback by the sudden prick.

When everything is done, I proceeded to the donating chair. The nurse gave me a blanket. Very comfortable. At least it helps to ease my nervousness. I was very afraid of the pain. The nurse inserted the tube and I was told to exercise my hand by squeezing the exercise ball constantly.

My tolerance for pain is probably -1 out of a 100. Believe it or not. I'm actually very scared of physical pain. However, the whole process is not painful at all. All I felt was little pricks.

I donated 350ml of blood. The whole thing took less than 5 mins. Upon removal of the tube, I was told to press on my wound to stop it from bleeding. Please apply some sort of force if not it will swell and bruise.

Then I got it. Giddy + Nauseous + Stomachache. Stomachache is probably not because of blood donation btw.

Told the people there and they promptly changed the position of my seat. I felt better immediately. Took a pretty long rest and had some food (milo and oats biscuits) before leaving.

I was given my next appointment date (not sure whether I'd go), some information brochures and 10 iron supplement.
The nurse wrapped my arm with pink bandage. Nice nice.

But I removed it soon after because it is so uncomfortable.

My whole session took about 1 hour and over because they wanted me to rest first before moving around. After all, this is my first time.

2 days later
I experienced some slight giddiness. Right hand will sort of sore when I carry heavy items for a long period of time. Other than that, I woke up with a cramp arm as well. Nothing too bad.
The people are so thoughtful! They even called me today to check whether I'm doing fine or not. Nice!

Overall, it is not a bad experience. So I donated blood.
Do consider giving something to people who really needs it!
Blood stock running low; especially for blood AB and O. So people, do consider helping out!

If woodlands is very out of the way for you, you can drop by or any moblie bloodbanks.  (click to be directed!)