The empty posting page

Yes, now that my whole Internet issue is solved, I lost all my inspiration to write something decent. I mean, something... related to my life.

It has been really long since I wrote about my daily life. Daily, living life.
Not that I don't want to. The mundane and repetitive lifestyle is draining me so much. I can't bring myself to repeat every single day.

And I losing the purpose of my blog?
What memories have I created for the past 3 months?
Am I wasting my life away?

I really need something to enrich my life. SOMETHING.
I miss school. I miss interacting with friends and blogging/whining about the terrible workload etc. Not this. Not working life. I miss learning.

Just a random thought; but please cherish whatever you can right now.

My attempt to write about my daily life:

I woke up. Pretty early but snoozed for 2 hours. Pig in me yo.
The rain is making me drowsy. Got a seat on the train.
My train ride took about 1.5hours. Everyone is complaining about the efficiency of SMRT..
I was too. I was.
However, from another point of view, maybe they did try their best.
We are better off than many other countries... you know?
Just a sudden thought.

Had lunch in ThaiExpress and went for a mini shopping trip. 20 mins?
Came back and nom on cheesecake, cupcake and egg!

Kept myself busy/entertained all the way to end of work.

I am most probably going to the doctor later at night.